The Team

From Left: Winemaker Cameron Vawter, Director of Winemaking Philippe Melka, General Manager Pete Perry, Proprietor Hi Sang Lee, Jae Chun, Pete Richmond of Silverado Farming Company.

Cameron is Dana's first employee, starting here in 2005. He works closely with Philippe and Pete Richmond to oversee the day to day tasks in the winery and out in the vineyards.  Trained in Bordeaux as an enologist and geologist,  Philippe brings 20 years of winemaking experience in Napa and is recognized as one of the valley's premier winemakers. Pete Richmond founded Silverado Farming Company in 2001 and has been farming in the valley for 20 years. Silverado has been cultivating our vineyards from the outset, providing our winemaking team with exceptional fruit year after year.